No matter how hard you try, there is always one thing or another coming up that prevents you from working on the essay and getting it done before time. In most cases, students are struggling to write their papers on time and while some of them succeed, others are not so lucky. If you are also one of the unfortunate ones who are unable to manage things and stress out as the submission data is just around the corner, you need to work hard, stop everything else that you are doing and focus on coming up with top quality and custom essay that will save you from trouble and teacher’s wrath.

With the ultimate guide to writing an essay in the last minutes, you can look forward to completing the assignment before the submission date and hand it over to the teacher without having panic attacks about what will happen. This article by essay writing services UK brings you some valuable guidelines on how to put together a decent essay even if you are running out of time.

First; you must plan what you are going to do and how. writing an essay should not be taken lightly at your grades depend on how well you work so make sure you understand what it is all about and do things right. Typically an essay writing task includes:

  • Conducting research
  • Coming up with a draft
  • Choosing and use quotes
  • Rewriting
  • Editing
  • Revising
  • Peer Edit
  • Review
  • Submit

However, you are already short of time and will not be able to go for peer edit or review or even revision as you will have to take care of the revision during editing and rewriting.  You will have to trim the process down and take shortcuts so that you can move along faster and achieve desired results without any problem.  You can combine two or more processes to ensure that you keep on working and moving forward at the same time, saving time as well as efforts and have the essay ready within a short time.

Writing an Essay In Last Minutes:

Writing an essay in the last minutes is a race against time; you do not have time to spend on long processes and the best thing to do in this regard would be to streamline activities and make each step as simple and easy as possible. You need to:

  • Prepare
  • Skim
  • Outline
  • Write
  • Revise
  • Submit

Prepare: Get ready to work and succeed and prepare yourself. Get all your stuff together, including books, notes, stationery, and anything else you might need to write the essay without wasting time.

Skim: Look for quality resources and skim through them; do not rely solely on online information unless they are trusted sites as you might end up with information that is not correct and lose precious time in hunting for the right details. The most trustworthy sites end in:

  • .org
  • .gov
  • .co
  • .us
  • .uk

Outline: Once you get an understanding of the topic and what needs to be done, it is best to create an outline. For each paragraph or section, make notes or points that you can elaborate on later. Keep on organizing the notes and writing down information as you create an outline so that you do not forget what you were doing or where to place the information.  This will get you a sketch of the essay and you can fill in the details such as arguments, evidence as well as quotes.

Write: Once the outline is complete, it is time to write the essay and create the paper. Create complete sentences out of the points and notes you have made and make sure that each point is connected to the other one and provides relevant information to the readers.

Revise: After you are done writing the paper, it is time to take a short break and get back to it to revise it. It is necessary to get away from the essay and do something different, even if you step out for fresh air or talk to a friend as you will be able to come to it with a fresh mind. When you get back to the essay, read it at least three times; once out loud to look for grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors, and secondly citation or quotation mistakes as well as to point out substandard wording or structure.

Submit: It is important to check all details and ensure that you have also followed the guidelines provided by the teachers so that there is no chance of error and the paper is submitted and accepted without any hindrance.