Essay writing is always a daunting task and students mostly dislike to do assignments on essay writing. But you might feel it interesting to know that you can earn money through essay writing. There are many essay writing competitions that are arranged every year on both national and international level. According to a cheap essay writing service, these essay writing competitions offer very valuable prizes to the winner and participants. For winning money through essay competitions you must know the following things

  1. Academic Writing Skills
  2. Information about the famous national and international essay writing competitions
  3. Know-how about the rules and regulations of essay writing competition and participation

Tips for Winning the Competitions and Money:

For winning the essay writing competition, strong writing skills are crucial. The participant must have a grip on writing. He must know how to formally write. Academic writing demands creative skills. The writer must know how to present common things and ideas creatively. The writer must have a strong vocabulary and good grammar knowledge. The writer must know which writing style is suitable for a certain situation. He must have the knowledge and abilities for expressing ideas, opinions, emotions, feelings, and information. The basic writing skills include research skills, outlining skills, editing skills, time management skills, and proofreading skills.

Research skills are necessary for finding the right information from a credible source. Outlining is arranging the design and stream of a piece of writing. Great writing needs to have a legitimate construction to sound good to a reader. Your capacity to arrange sentences and sections in the most convincing manner impacts how others see you and comprehend the mark of your writing. In the wake of writing the main draft of your piece, you should have the option to alter it.

From searching an email for spelling blunders to re-writing an award proposition, all writing ought to go through some degree of editing. Editing includes reading your writing from another point of view and thinking about how well it suits your objectives. When editing your work, consider your assertion decision and tone, eliminating any immaterial expressions. Formatting skills are necessary for making your writing presentable. Time management is required for ensuring that you complete the essay writing within time so that you can also have time to proofread and edit it.

Famous Essay Writing Competitions:

Here is the list of some writing contests in which students can easily participate and win prizes

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards:

This competition has a wide range of categories. You can easily find topics and categories of your interest. Each category has separate competition rules. For participation, students have to create an online account and submit their work online. Then they have to print the forms and send them through the affiliated organization.

YoungArts’ National Arts Competition:

YoungArts’ National Arts competition is held on the national level and offers an award of $10,000 to the winner. This competition also has different categories which include a short story, play or script, creative nonfiction, poetry, novel, and spoken word. The winners can also get a chance to participate in artistic development. For participating in YoungArts’ National Arts competition students need to submit their work online and also have to submit the fee of $35.

American Foreign Service High School Essay Contest:

American Foreign Service High School Essay Contest is offering a full tuition fee of a semester to the winners with a trip to Washington.

The Kemper Human Rights Education Essay Contests:

The Kemper Human Rights Education Essay Contests are held in December. It consists of two competitions, one is at the national level and the other is for international students. There is no entry fee. The participants have to write an essay of 2500 words. There are three winners and three prizes. The first prize is 2000 US dollars, the second prize is 750 US dollars, and the third winner gets the prize of 250 US dollars.

The SaveAs Writers’ International Writing Competition:

The SaveAs Writers’ International Writing Competition is held every year and has two categories for competition. One category is poetry and the second is prose. The word limit for prose is 3500 words and 60 lines for the poetry competition. There are three winners and three prizes. The first prize is £200, the second prize is £100, and the third winner gets the prize of £50. There are entry fees for both categories. Students have to submit £3 per poem for participating in the poetry competition and £4 per story for the prose competition.